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Patients Needed

Haul in to the All Equine Clinic near Mt Pleasant, Michigan and our students will carefully perform basic equine dentistry free of charge.

The only fee is $45. for sedation and only if necessary. All work is monitored and observed by our expert staff.

Call us at 989-772-2999 to make an appointment. Call early as times fill quickly for this great opportunity!


VETERINARIAN NEEDED. Intern or Resident study of Standing Sedation. BY THE DAY OR 3-4 WEEK INTERVALS.

CALL DR. HILDEBRAND 989-772-2999.

More and more horse people are learning the importance of equine dentistry. By acquiring this specialized knowledge, along with working toward proper certification, you will be able to assist veterinarians or work independently for horse owners in your area. (Most states require some type of supervision by a veterinarian. It is important to check with veterinarians in your area before enrolling.) You will become an Equine Dental Technician (EQDT) upon completion of this course. You will obtain a Diploma and Certificate of Attendance once you complete our class and pass necessary exams.

After completing our one month program, you will be able to join with a veterinary staff, seek out your own individual clients, or a combination. You will be experienced with hand tool work, wolf tooth extraction, and recognition of oral pathology. You will learn when and how to interact with veterinarians, and you will learn NOT TO SEDATE HORSES (and why not!)

A short reason why NOT to sedate horses is that sedation of horses is the practice of veterinary medicine. Often the EQDT is tempted to inject sedatives, to make it easier to get the job done. Once he or she starts this practice, uninformed horse owners will continue to ask for this illegal service. Soon the EQDT becomes an outlaw with no respect from the best clients, other horse professionals, and veterinarians in the area. This will lead to cheap work with little financial reward, let alone the potential for criminal arrest.

Below is a list of our Graduates:
If you need an equine dentist call our office at 989-772-2999.

Call our office (989-772-2999) if you want to contact any of our graduates.

   Ruyan Tuck(KY), Michelle Marsh Freier(MI)

  Matthew Olson(MN), Phil Armitage(England), Aileen Ross(ON),
 Audra Bekkala(MI), Jerry Bianchi, Jr.(MI), Jeff Hatfield(MI),
Timothy Overmyer(MI), Clint Westorp(MI)

Scott Shank(IN), Quinton Mulligan(OH), Mathew Gene Swaim(TX),
Michael T Keith(OK), Kerri Carriere(MI),Patrick Michael(IN),
 Stephanie Thorne(MI), Eric Haynes(MI), Rick Talbert(GA),
Jennifer K. Hensler(IN), Crystal Parker(MO)

Clint Furniss(OH), Lee J. Sunderland(PA), Herbert B. Harney(IL)
Freddy E. Hatfield(VT), George Edel(CA), Angel Bays(IL), 
Robin Morgan(MI)

  Jeff Lebbin(MI), Jessica Anderson(MI), Charlene Hubbard(IN)
Kate Lehmkuhl(OH), Laura Jean Hoffman(MI),Andrew J. Hansen(IA),
Paul W. Marvin, Jr.(MI),Dale Gavitt(NC), Eric J. Nieman(IN),
Leah Schuman(MI), Cathy S. Franks(OH)

  Mathew Currie(MI), Rachael Sokoloski(MI), Jerremy D. Lawson(MI),
Rachel Parker(ON), Amanda Welch(IN), Melton Stark(FL), Jody Trottier(MI),
Chris S. Turner(AL), Ashley Mastel(IA)

  Kimberly Seiberlich(DE), Lori Dykeman(ON), Lisa Bonk(OH),
Darryl R. Taylor(NC),  Kristina Foley(MD),  Rachael M. Devroy(MI),
Rebecca Beaman(NH), Kealey Lewis(England), Ryan Lindquist(MN),
 Patrick Murphy(Germany)

Thomas Duffy(Ireland), Rebecca Wuellner(OH), Jacqueline Milka(MA)
Willard C. Salisbury(PA),Brittni Ramsay(SK), Randall Heineman(WI),
Nicole Lombardo(MA), Mark Myers(OH), Amelia Bailey(Jamaka),
 Adreanna M. Sarnoski(PA), Solveig Nitschmann(Antigua)
Gianna Greco(PA), William Dunlap(MI)

Leigh Kuhn(MI), Gabriela Sedivcova (Czeck Republic), Emily Mikulak (PA),
Meredith Smith(Novi Scotia), Jason D. Balcom(MI)
Alisha Smith(MI), Karen Haag(MI),Robert Richards(MI)
Kristopher Kokal(NH), Melissa Sirrine(MI), Tavis Amos(OH)
Daniel Renaudette(VT), Matt Sawyer(VT), Jennifer Gerace(CA) 

Harrison Bishop(OH), Elizabeth Smith (New Zeeland), Shayan Green(PA), Jenn Kater(MI),

Sarah Machovina(OH), Josh Cox (PA), Bonita Warkentin (Manitoba),

Terry Tietjen (IA), Sandy Evans(MI) , James Flinn (Ireland)
West Ratcliff(OK), Jessica Schulthies(CA), Nicole King(MI), Chad Bowman(KY),
Sarah Davidson(WI), Kayla Coburn(MA) (#100!) Shelby Bosma(IN)
Christpher Tarrants(MI), Robert Jewett(MI), Eric Wilson(MI)

31(MI)Grads(30%), 9 (OH) Grads, 6 (PA) Grads, 14 International Grads.