Educational Equine Dentistry Program

Become a trained and certified equine dental technician with the courses offered by The Midwest Equine Dental Academy and Oral Care Center in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. We provide an equine dentistry program that meets a variety of needs. You will receive a Diploma and Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the Level 1 class. You will be qualified to perform manual equine dentistry. A power class is offered after you work for about one year in the field.

Training Programs

We offer a unique and highly specialized training program. While the overall medical care is the responsibility of the equine veterinarian, often these professionals have little time or energy available for dentistry. Yet most veterinarians and horse professionals recognize that many health-related problems can be alleviated with proper dental care.

Our highly qualified instructors will teach you the techniques to aid and improve the dental health of horses.

We provide advanced techniques and methodology that usually cannot be addressed in the field. Our method of instruction is the apprentice system, which provides a maximum amount of "hands-on" work.
Horse dentistry is our specialty. Whether you want to become an equine dental technician, an equine veterinarian, or simply take better care of your own horses, we have the program for you. See Dates/Application page for fees, etc.

Our dental academy's basic equine dentistry curriculum includes the following: A thorough four-week introduction to the anatomy of the equine head, recognition of numeric tooth identification systems, discussions of professional ethics, and many hours practicing the learned techniques under the supervision of our knowledgeable instructors.


Tuition is $6900. You'll want to buy tools AFTER two weeks so you can get started after graduation. Manual tools run between $2500 and $7500. Housing is available at $500.00 to $700.00 US at local bed and breakfast establishments or at clean motels and hotels in the area. Mt Pleasant is a college town of about 25,000. There are also plenty places to eat and socialize. 

Books needed for basic classes are:

1. "The Principles of Equine Dentistry" by David O Klugh, DVM, FAVD/Equine

2. "The Manual of Equine Dentistry"  by Tom Allen

3. "Caring For the Horses' Teeth and Mouth"  by Chris Hannes  *( Read this one first!)

 Allow about $350.00 for these books.


At M.E.D.A., we pride ourselves on exposing our students to many wide varieties of dental problems in horses. We average 20 horses per student for practice work and learning. All students get to examine horses on which their classmates are working. This makes our graduates ready to take on many challenges they will encounter in their careers.

Free Dentistry Program

We are proud to offer our no-charge dentistry program to horses (mules and donkeys are also welcome) that are hauled in to our facility. Any work that can be done by our students, under the careful eyes of our expert instructors, is free. Complicated work such as extraction of molars will be evaluated and offered with an estimate of charges. If sedation is needed, there is a small one-time fee. This work is done by appointment only.

Contact us in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, to enroll in our equine dentistry program.