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As a veterinarian with 26 years of experience, Dr. Hildebrand has found dentistry to make a huge difference in almost all horses, especially with regards to chewing, digestion, and response to bits and bridles. He has seen anecdotal evidence for improved digestion and reduced feed costs as well as improved performance.

After listening to stories about improvements expressed as "different horse," Dr. Hildebrand decided to train and develop students with excellent skills to master the basics of equine oral care. Our goal is to do it well, but not to "overdo." Most students go on to practice at their own individual level, and find great rewards for the help and care they provide.

We are proud to offer this unique opportunity to become an equine expert here in the Midwestern United States. Over the last 10 years, we have graduated more than 100 top-level Equine Dental Technicians (EQDTs), who are now distributed throughout the world.

We are one of only three schools in the United States offering equine dental training. Our consolidated one-month program is loaded with hands-on experience that ensures our students aren't startled or shocked by dental procedures in the real world.

Contact us in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, to study at our equine dental academy.



Ryan Tuck (KY), Michelle Freier (FL)


Mathew Olson(MN), Phil Armitage(UK), Aileen Ross(Ontario), Audra Bekkala(MI)

Jerry Bianchi(MI), Jeff Hatfield(MI), Timothy Overmyer(MI), Clint Westorp(MI)


Scott Shank(IN), Quinton Mulligan(OH), Mathew Gene Swaim(TX), Michael T Keith(OK)

Kerri Carriere(MI), Patrick Michael(IN), Stephanie Thorne(MI), Eric Haynes(MI)

Rick Talbert(GA), Jennifer K. Hensier(IN), Crystal Parker(MO)


Clint Furniss(OH), Lee J. Sunderland(PA), Herbert B Harney(IL), Freddy E. Hatfield(VT)

George Edel(CA), Angel Bays(IL), Robin Morgan(MI)


Jeff Lebbin(MI), Jessica Anderson(MI), Charlene Hubbard(MI), Kate Lehmkuhi(OH)

Laura Jean Hoffman(MI), Andrew J Hansen(IA), Paul W. Marvin(MI), Dale Gavitt(NC)

Eric J Nieman(IN), Leah Schuman(MI), Cathy S. Franks(OH)


Mathew Currie(MI), Rachael Sokoloski(MI), Jerremy D. Lawson(MI), Rachael Parker(Ontario)

Amanda Welch(IN), Melton Stark(FL), Jody Trottier(MI), Chris Turner(AL), Ashley Mastel(IA)


Kimberly Seiberlich(DE), Lori Dykeman(Ontario), Lisa Bonk(OH), Darryl R. Taylor(NC)

Kristina Foley(MD), Rachael M. Devroy(MI), Rebecca Beaman(HN), Lealey Lewis(UK)

Ryan Lindquist(MN), Patrick Murphy(Germany)


Thomas Duffy(Ireland), Rebecca Wuellner(OH), Jaqueline Milka(MA), Willard C. Salisbury(PA)

Brittni Ramsay(SK. Canada), Nicole Lombardo(MA), Mark Myers(OH)

Amelia Bailey(Jamaica), Adreanana M. Sarnoski(PA), Solveig Nitschmann(Antigua)

Gianna Greco(PA), William Dunlap(MI)


Leigh Kuhn(MI), Gabriela Sedivcova(Czeck Republic), Emily Mikulak(PA), Meredith Smith(Novi Scotia)

Jason D. Balcom(MI), Alisha Smith(MI), Karen Haag(MI), Robert Richards(MI), Kristopher Kokal(NH)

Melissa Sirrine(MI), Travis Amos(OH), Daniel Renaudette(VT), Matt Sawyer(VT), Jennifer Gerace(CA)


Harrison Bishop(OH), Elizabeth Smith(New Zeeland), Shayan Green(PA), Jenn Kater(MI)

Sarah Machovina(OH), Josh Cox(PA), Bonita Warkentin(Manitoba, Canada)

Terry Tietjen(IA), Sandy Evans(MI), James Flinn(Ireland)


West Ratcliff(OK), Jessica Schulthies(CA), Nicole King(MI), Chad Bowman(KY), Sarah Davidson(WI)

Kayla Coburn(MA #100), Shelby Bosma(IN), Christopher Tarrants(MI), Robert Jewell(MI), Eric Wilson(MI)


Adam Hlinovsky(Czeck Republic), Kaylee Smeltzer(OK), Mackaela Streeter(IN)

Maarit Makipaa(Finland), Nicolette Garland(PA), Chelsey Smith(WI)

Cory Patton(MS), Kristen DeWald(MI), Kelly Kasprzyk(Australia), McKenzie Holloway(UK)

Machaela Schock(DE), Mathew Blewitt(TX), Tad Richard(MI)


Scottlyn Brengman(MI), Megan Murray(MI), Felicia Montoya(CO), Mathew Finseth(MI)

KaSandra Heller(IN), Thomas J Walsh(Ireland), Giovanni Neri(Italy&UK)

Lena Swanson(OK), Peter Snyder(MD), Mike O'Brien(UK),

Amanda Cardin(FL), Natalie Hillman(MI), Leslie Arens(MI)



Carissa Beard(WV), Wesley Wingate(FL), Robert Weber(MI), Christina Fisher(SC),

Codie Brown(MI), Megan Bosley(VT), Sarenda DeLeon(OH)

Kevon Herren(SD), Levi Runnion(OH), Bethany Ugartechea(MI)

As of Dec 2016 : 38 MI grads, 11 OH grads, 7 PA grads, 20 international grads


Shane Benner (MI), James Callahan(MI) , Jack Aaron Jones (PA), Jose Velenzuela (Australia and Chile)

DeAnn S. Soults (IA) , Kaylin Collins (MI), Pan Du (China)