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Earn your Diploma and Certificate of Attendance as an equine dental technician (EQDT) and provide expert equine dental care with your thorough education and experience from The Midwest Equine Dental Academy and Oral Care Center.

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The Midwest Equine Dental Academy and Oral Care Center is one of the only three centers for equine dentistry education in the country. We are proud to offer an innovative educational equine dentistry program with hands-on training.

$200 Off Tuition Cost - Valid when Enrolling and Paying Tuition in Full at Least One Month Prior to Enroll By Date

Who We Are

The Midwest Equine Dental Academy and Oral Care Center, located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, specializes in equine dentistry training through an apprentice system. Students from all over the world come to our academy to gain valuable hands-on experience and informed knowledge from experienced professionals.Farriers, veterinarians, or other equine professionals can expand their practice or equestrians of any age can turn their hobby into a career. Horses from almost the entire State of Michigan are hauled in for routine and specialized Oral Care free of charge. Our students learn while these horses benefit.

All New Offer: We are offfering a chance for horse owners to learn the basics of equine dentistry without taking the entire course. Attend the lecture series one day at a time (Days 2,3,4, or 5) for $100 each day. You'll get the knowledge you need without a lot of time and money invested. Call 989-772-2999 to sign up. If you want to take the entire class at a later date, you will be able to skip some lectures if you want.

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